The MetaMedia Project

Studying film leaves students in a strange circumstance:  Most students declare film majors because they long to make movies, but soon find that film class is not the creative place they were hoping for. Instead, it’s a place where you talk about movies and write about critical theory.  After my first year studying film and digital media in 2005, I longed to connect my studies with the career I hoped to pursue. What would it look like if a class combined the features of film critical theory with the practice of filmmaking? A peer and I spent a quarter researching the topic, developing a curriculum, recruiting other students and, after several coffee shop discussions, we convinced a professor to teach the class. 

The end result was The MetaMedia Project, a course where four students and one professor met for six hours a week to reimagine the practice of film school education.  Part of the project focused on thinking about what an essay might look like in video.  The video below explores how secretive piracy communities react when their anonymity is compromised.  I wrote and produced the video along with my friend Aaron, who edited the final product.